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Floor Treatment

Floor Treatment

Natural stone was the first builiding material used by man. Its care and maintenance is one of the oldest tasks performed by our ancestors.

Use of natural stone in interior is an investment that will give you many years of gorgeous design. Luxurious beauty of granite and marble is charming.

Simple care will keep your surface beautiful for a longer period of time. Stone surface is porous and therefore sensitive towards stains, acids, hard wear and even direct sunbeams. Apart from gentle daily care natural stone floor needs preventive floor treatment methods, such as polishing, diamond grinding, sealing and grout cleaning. Floor Treatment will also protect your natural stone floor or any other stone tiles from all the hazards.

Removal of organic grease, fats and oils without leaving slippery alkaline residue which contribute to slip and fall accidents will increase the floor safety level higher than the original surface.

So your floor stone is dull, scratched and in major need of help? Now the Question is "What has to be done?"

Perfect Clean Pvt Ltd specializes in all types of Floor Treatment Services, performed by trained, efficient and experienced professionals.

    Benefits of Floor Treatment :

  • High gloss, Mirror finish, Wet Look

  • Removes scratches and White / Dull Spots

  • Reduces re-soiling - Prevents most liquids, dirt, and moisture from
    penetrating into the stone or grout.

  • Surfaces stay cleaner for longer - Much easier to clean and maintain.

  • Improves slip co-efficient - safe floor is more than just clean.

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